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Inflatable Bounce With Interactive Play System
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  • Mascot costume
    custom dora mascot costume in stock
    custom dora mascot costume in stock 1. stylish and economic 2. maintain strict quality control and ensure prompt delivery. 3. Professional team, fashionable design, quality confirmation 4. High quality helmet 5. Competitive price , Safety products 6. to use as advertisement/ propaganda/promotions/commodity sales exhibition 7. for entertainment /amusement/ teme parks/paradise /various parties 8. for celebrations /holidays/ceremonies 9. increase your brand value and affinity 10. Fur Costume, Adult Fur Costume, Movie character costume, Movable cartoon costume, Plush mascot costume. 11. Characteristic (1)We use the advanced machine to make the head,it is stronger and enough hard to avoid to break (2) Breather and vision : User can breath very well when he wears it, there are the hole of eyes and mouth and the neck area, They have enough ventilation for User, User have a good vision from the head eyes or mouth. (3) Eye net: there are plastic net on the costume eye, They can prevent the dust or the others into the User eyes. (4) Head: Advanced CardBroad material can be Water resistance (5) Costume fabric:We choose the high quality fabric velours Make our costume, It make the costume soft and verisimilitude
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