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Moonwalk Safety

Moonwalk Safety [Nov 15,2007]

It is important to know the safety risk associated with moonwalk toys. While the experience of an moonwalk toy can bring many wonderful memories, there are safety rules that must be followed to minimized exposure to injury.

Moonwalk Set-up SAFETY
The moonwalk will be properly erected. We will go over operation and maintenance during the review and signing of the rental contract.
We will educate you on fall zones.
Manufacturer’s recommendations, operating instructions, safety inspections and maintenance procedures must be followed.
The device must be supervised and monitored at all times and enforce the required safe practices for the unit.

Moonwalk Safety during Use
Adult supervision of all children is required at all times.
Bounce houses are designed for children.
Children in jump houses should be close in age.
Divide children by ages and give each group their own time to bounce, jump or slide in our jump bounce houses and slides. Remove shoes before using jump bounce house, or slides.
Keep all sharping objects away from moonwalk units.
Keep all pets away from moonwalk jump bounce houses, and slide units.
Keep all food, drinks and snacks away from bounce houses.
Stay out of jump bounce houses and slides in strong wind or thunderstorms.

Maintain constant supervision.
Don' t rely on substitutes. moonwalk devices may loose air and may not be able to maintain your child above water.
Do not rely on one person to be responsible for children playing in pool/around water as well as being responsible for children in the moonwalk.

Moonwalk Safety Policy
Adult Supervision at bouncer(s) at all times
No animals in or near moonwalk(s)
Remove shoes, eyeglasses, jewelry and other hard or sharping objects prior to entering any moonwalk.
All participants should empty their pockets before entering the moonwalk.
No Gum, No Silly String, No candy, No food or drinks are allowed inside any bouncer
Absolutely NO flips, wrestling, or other forms of rough housing are allowed in the moonwalk.
No not jump down any slide surface.
No not run or jump through the door of the moonwalk.
No not climb or hang from the interior or exterior of the moonwalk.
No not use the moonwalk during rain or excessive winds (25mph or greater).
No hot objects are allowed in or near any bouncer.
Participants in a bouncer should be grouped according to age and size.
Participants should not sit or lay down while others are bouncing around them, as a jumping child could fall down on top of a sitting or lying child.
In the event of severe weather, (rain or high winds) instruct all occupants to exit the moonwalk then unplug the blower to deflate the unit. If the weather clears, you may plug the blower back in and inflate the unit again but DO NOT allow re-entry until the moonwalk is dry.
Be take safety very seriously. Persons not following the safety rules should be instructed to exit the moonwalk.
Be will walk you through theses safety rules again after we setup the moonwalk and have you sign an agreement of content to our rules.

Timely Inflatable Maintenance [Jan 16,2008]

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