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Type of Rental Business

Type of Rental Business [Jan 16,2008]

There are basically three types of rental companies who deal with inflatables, operating throughout the world. We have classified these types of event companies as follows:

A. Bouncer Rentals Companies. Usually small mom and pop operations that handle backyard birthday parties, etc. This type of small business is usually a second income to the owners.

B. Interactive Inflatable Rental Companies. These companies have broadened their exposure to the public by adding inflatables such as Obstacle Courses, slides, games, etc. Their customers are schools, churches, some corporate bookings and also some smaller backyard parties.

C. Pay for Play Event Companies. Generally these companies fall into more of a carnival type business. Their use of inflatables is generally large Themed Slides that entice the public to purchase tickets to experience.

All of these listed categories will make you money. But how much?

If you choose to play it safe and close to home, a small bouncer business is the way to go. Costs like insurance, repairs, and gasoline are more controlled and profits are small but pretty constant during the rental season. A lot of small bouncer rentals rely on the consumer (Home Owner) to operate the inflatable during these rentals. This cuts down on outside labor costs, and keeps the rental dollars in your pocket.

Taking that leap to handling events for schools, corporate America, church youth groups, etc, will definitely force you to have to grow your operation into more of a full time business. This means purchasing more and bigger equipment, hiring staff to set up and run the new equipment, vehicles to move this new heavier equipment around and all the headaches that go with owing your own business. But... there is more money, more independence, you will probably have to quit that day job and focus on all that needs to be done with a more sizable operation such as this.

Pay for Play is exactly what it sounds like. People want to ride your inflatable slide... they pay you to do so each time they go down it. Benefits, well a bunch of cash is pretty nice when the event is a known advertised event that brings the public to your feet. The down side, rain, cold weather, a poorly run event where little or no one shows up, and you eat the costs of paying your staff, to sit around all day while the unattended event goes on and on. This is a much tougher way to go. It does allow you to maintain a second income to support you, because most of these events take place on the weekend. We actually have quite a few customers, who just do these types of events, with a giant themed slide they may have purchased and paid for a long time ago. They want nothing to do with the rental type business. This works for them.

Why do not running an Indoor Party Facility Business? [Jan 16,2008]

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