Inflatable Bounce With Interactive Play System
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Moonwalk Safety Instruction

Moonwalk Safety Instruction

Timely Inflatable Maintenance [Jan 16,2008]

Maintaining the safety and structural integrity of your inflatable device can be a simple routine that will prevent expensive repairs and prevent loss of income if neglected. Use this Handy Maintenance Checklist to do a pre-rental inspection of your inflatable unit before each use:

Handy Maintenance Check-List:

1.Check your blower cords and plugs to make sure they are not frayed or burned.
2.Make sure connection to blower tube for the blower is in good shape. We use a Velcro draw to tighten and some companies use a nylon strap.
3.Check condition of tie down tethers. Make sure they are no frayed, knotted or mildewed. These things will weaken the overall strength of the tether.
4.Inflate the unit and inspect overall appearance of the inflatable.
5.Make sure it inflates straight and tight.
6.Physically crawl over top of the unit, between obstacles, climb, etc. Check all seams, corners of walls and Velcro, make sure all is in good shape. This is the time to note any areas that may need to be either repaired by you (the owner) or by a professional repair service. Do not take a chance on operating the inflatable if noticeable damage is discovered on an area that will be utilized by our customers.
7.Make sure climb covers and slide covers are secure and adjusted properly.
8.Make sure the slide cover(s) have been treated properly with a vinyl protector to add to the slickness of the slide lane. You may have to repeat this process during a big event or on a high humid day to avoid sticking to the vinyl slide lanes.

Inflatable Moonwalk Safety [Nov 15,2007]

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