Inflatable Bounce With Interactive Play System
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Wholesale Inflatable Jumpers


ASIA Infltables specializes in inflatable jumpers and is the top manufacturer of bounce houses. These jumpers for sale are priced at an extremely reasonable price, with unmatched value. Why buy anywhere else? If you're looking for wholesale pricing coupled with outstanding quality, you've come to the right place! Whether you're in need of a compact jumper or something larger, we sell all varieties. Your options are not limited because jumpers come in defferent themes and styles.

Inflatable Jumpers For Sale
Are you looking for the perfect way to entertain a large group of preschoolers or pre-teens? Our inflatable jumpers for sale are always the best choice. If you are a commercial buyer with a high traffic volume, a commercial grade bounce house is a great way to attract more potential clients as well as cater to current clients. Everyone loves a jump house! Moms and dads alike will deeply appreciate the fact that you thought of their little ones and offered a fun 'babysitter'. If you are intending to buy for personal use, you will find that owning versus renting is both cost effective and more convenient.

Wholesale Inflatable Jumpers
Since our wholesale jumpers are manufactured in China, it is very fitting that we offer a patriotic themed inflatable jumper for your next Memorial Day bash or 4th of July party. Simply connect the blower to a regular power outlet and the jumper inflates within just a matter of few minutes.! There is little to no maintenance or effort on your part. You do not need to store the unit in a temperature controlled space. Parents along with business owners are huge fans of these inflatable jumpers because they know how much children enjoy them and how big of a break it gives their parents. Every kid loves an inflatable spacewalk!

Commercial Inflatable Jumpers for Sale

Each of our commercial grade inflatable jumpers for sale comes with a blower that quickly fills the unit up with air. The blower will need to be running throughout the entire day or activity you have planned. These jumpers are ideal for birthday parties, fundraisers, park or picnic functions, car dealerships, and much, much more! There are flat roofs, triangular roofs and four post castles. Pick your ideal preference! Are you looking for a girly jumper or a 'man's man' gender-specific bounce house? We have it all!

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